CF Community Project

The Final Project! Reversible collage portray the dark side and the bright side of Cystic Fibrosis.

photo (16)



Step One:
The bright roses. The dark roses. It’s still a rose.

The bright rose. On one side of the canvas create an image of something good that has come to you because of your fight against cystic fibrosis. This can be anything ranging from a journal entry, an image of your family, a flower, a rainbow, a dot of your favorite color. Create anything that comes to your mind that you are grateful for because of cystic fibrosis. Go crazy with happiness.

The dark rose. On the opposite side of the canvas, show a side of CF that is dark to you. This can be an image of mucus, a copy of a hospital bill, an image of an IV, a word, poem or dark color. I encourage you to create whatever you’d like, ANYTHING!

You’re still a rose. This is your chance to show your true colors. Not everyone gets to see these, only those who are closest to us in most cases. Lets let others know. It’s ok to show both sides, the truth. Come together with other Cfers to create a collective reality.

If you are and cf patient and are interested in participating in this project, send me an email at and I will email you back details.

A map of all the participants and their contributions:

Rod Spadinger:

photo (3) (1024x768)photo (2) (1024x768)

Caren Crase

photo (5) (768x1024)photo (2) (768x1024) 

Gwen Forlizzi:

photo (2) photo

Darlene Colandrea:

photo (4) (561x428) photo (5) (547x350)

Annabelle Minor:

photo (8) photo (6)

Anna Tyson:

photo (3)photo (1)

Patty Koslovsky:

photo (9) photo (10)

Joan Hammond:

photo (4) image

Stephan Slavik and his brothers:  Stephen is having fun on a trampoline and the other side is kids outside playing and him inside a house doing treatments

image (1) photo (5)

Stephan Slaviks’ cousin Sophia: It shows him and his daddy and his 3 favorite stuffed animals (from yo gabba gabba) under a tree happy and the back is him crying on the bed doing his vest.

photo (6)photo (9)

Carissa Norman:

image (2)photo (7) 

Pippa Mawbay:

image (3)photo (8)

Leo Eledge:


Alexander David Sparbel: (With help from mom Carey Sparbel)

image (4)photo (10)

Christina Chase:

photo (11)image (5)

Jeremy Thompson:

image (6)photo (12)

Zachary Brandon Sparbel  (With help from mom Carey Sparbel):

image (7)photo (14)

Rachel Brooks’ son Jax:

image (8) photo (15)

Vicki Thompson:

photo (2) image


Goldie Solodar:

photo (18) image (9)


2 thoughts on “CF Community Project

  1. Vicki, I heard about this through Joan Hammond. I am 52 (today) with CF. I am an artist and illustrator. I have a concept I would really like to do for this….is it too late to submit? I would need a month to get it together…but would LOVE to participate!

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